Slingshot Dakota with Hikes, Honey and Salt @ Mohawk (Indoor)
Mohawk presents

Slingshot Dakota

Hikes, Honey And Salt

All Ages

With the energy and sound of a full four-piece band, Carly Comando and Tom Patterson –– the

husband and wife team that make up Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Slingshot Dakota –– craft

unapologetic, heavy pop tracks that showcase their years of experience and punk influences.

Although Carly is on the keyboard and Tom is behind the beats, to define the band as a keys-and-

drums duo isn’t quite right. Carly writes songs as if there were a guitar and a bass present and

translates how to mimic the sounds on the keys. Combining a robust low-end with sweet and

delicate melodies, Carly makes full use of her heavily effected keyboard while also providing vocals

that are, in turn, sweet and polished or earnest and raw. Tom fills out the sonic middle ground with

his drum kit, knowing just when to hold back, and when to let loose and wail away. It’s a little bit pop;

it’s a little bit punk; but it’s 100% fun.

Slingshot Dakota with Hikes, Honey and Salt
Venue Information:
Mohawk (Indoor)
912 Red River Street
Austin, TX, 78701